DIY Car Repairs to Save some Money

Often we overlook and forget to include the car maintenance fees to our monthly budget. Maybe we include the weekly gas budget, the two to three weeks change of the engine oil, but forget to add miscellaneous car maintenance fees. In a sense, that’s what they are; Miscellaneous expenses!

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Cars are made up of complex structures that need regular maintenance now and then. The best way to make your car serve you well is by booking regular appointments with a professional automobile mechanic. It is the job of the mechanic to know what car part needs a direct checkup. However, there are also a few “do it yourself” car repairs to help save the cost of consulting a professional mechanic.

Getting car parts online, purchasing a few simple repair tools, and learning how to fix the basic car faults would limit your visit to a mechanic. Also, online shopping of automobile parts allows you to get cheap car parts than you would have access to around you. Are you wondering how possible it is to get car parts online? Check what your friends are saying about getting cheap car parts at Car Parts 4 Less reviews

Let’s quickly look into two DIY ways of saving a few bucks from your car repairs expenses.

Change Your Brake Pads

Now to be honest, when my mechanic mentioned I could change my brake pads myself, I was in shock for a few minutes. Are we still talking about the same brakes? The brakes that halt a car? Those questions kept popping into my head. Until I said out loud “Not in this lifetime would I mess around my brakes!”

Fortunately, my mechanic was convincing enough that he walked me through the process right on the spot. He mentioned that all I needed was a wheel lug wrench, one or two pliers, my car jack, and four jack stands. I remember him giving one or two importance of using the jack stands and not relying on its jack. I now change my brake pads myself and have had to strike that out of my car maintenance expenses ever since.

Change the Car Battery

Now if at this point you still have to call your mechanic out to change or replace the battery of your car, you amaze me! This is because when getting a car battery, the battery life is mostly stamped at the side of the package. Usually 4-6 years — it is normal to expect electrical glitches after the specified years stated by the manufacturer. However, it is not advisable to wait until to expiry date to make the necessary replacement. If you do, then expect to be stranded by the roadside with a dead battery.

To make the change, all you need is a set of wrenches. Stay actively cautious about the order in which you detach and replace the battery cables. Detach the negative cable, place in the new battery, change the negative cable. If the process isn’t carried … Read More