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What Are the Benefits of Water Testing?

Water is the most indispensable element here on Earth; wherever we may be and whatever we may be. People are more vulnerable to different types of diseases, which can lead to death, when they do not have any clean and available sources of water. Hence, it is vital to make sure that the water you are drinking is thoroughly tested. Water testing can also be done in commercial establishments’ water supplies.

People from non-urban areas assume that the water they get from wells is a hundred-percent safe and free from all kinds of viruses and bacteria. This is definitely not true as you cannot simply assume that your water is safe if you do not get it tested and analyzed. It is beneficial to have your water tested so that you and other people are assured that the water you are using, especially drinking, is free from different types of bacteria and viruses thus is one-hundred percent safe. If contaminants are detected, the water can only be safe for drinking if appropriate filtration methods are applied.

You should make sure to have your water supply checked for Legionella bacterium. Legionella is a bacterial pathogen found in both water and air. Not like most types of bacteria, these bacteria are invulnerable to chlorine disinfectants and can stand decreased levels of oxygen. Some types of organics and plastics dispense nutrients for these bacteria to grow and multiply. These traits make our plumbing systems good sources of growth and proliferation of the said bacteria.
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Legionella species are known to rapidly breed in water headers, humidifiers, and towers. By conducting water testing, it has been proven that Legionella species can proliferate from ten per milliliter to ten thousand per milliliter in just a month. If you do not get to have your water tested for Legionella species, you and those you have contact with are more susceptible to getting diseases from these species.
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To prevent the spread of Legionella-related diseases and the diseases themselves, one must strictly monitor their water systems on a regular manner. It is of utmost importance for industries to have Legionella testing as their environments are regular breeding grounds of Legionella species. The intercellular development of Legionella species makes them impervious to different forms of treatments; this type of development is the same as that of protozoa and amoebas.

There are numerous water testing kits available in the market that aid people to test the water that they are drinking from their offices and homes. Though these water testing kits can provide accurate results, they are not in par with the standards of those equipment used in laboratories. These water testing kits cannot also provide a complete list of water containment information like water testing laboratories do. If you want to have your water tested by professionals, do make sure to contact ISO-accredited water testing laboratories or companies.