How I Bought Replacement Plates Online

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident last week. The car driving behind me ran into the back of my car at a traffic light. There was minimal damage to my bumper but my number plate was pretty much destroyed. I knew I had to find replacement plates to buy. I decided to look online to see if these are available at a decent price.

I found a website that offers replacement number plates that are road legal and customizable. It was nice to find so many different options for these plates. You are able to choose the font and size of the text. The part I liked the most is that I am allowed to choose a border for the plate. Another interesting option I found was that you can add a badge to your plate. I already know that I am picking the flag of Wales since that is where I am from. After looking over everything, I am going with a whimsical font and a blue border, my favorite color. It was very easy to fill in all of the information from my current plate. It was pretty much foolproof.

I went ahead and placed my order and selected the next day delivery option. I wanted to get the new plate mounted on my car as soon as possible so as not to take a chance on getting a fine. The new plate arrived the next day as promised and I immediately went outside to put it on my car. It was very simple to install and was the correct dimensions and a perfect fit. I thought this whole process was going to be one huge hassle but was pleasantly surprised that it was extremely easy. I will definitely use this company again if I am ever in this same predicament again.