How the Kia Sorento Delivers What Australian SUV Buyers Seek

Just as in several other parts of the world, Australian buyers are increasingly gravitating toward sport utility vehicles, particularly on the more spacious side of the scale. Drivers incline toward large utility cars for various reasons, but many are concerned mostly with how these vehicles handle and serve them on trips around town. While being able to head off road on occasion might be a perk, many buyers do not consider this a feature of critical importance. Instead, many Australian SUV shoppers today emphasize how a vehicle might make routine, everyday life easier and more enjoyable while the roads remain paved.

Manufacturers, naturally enough, have noticed this and done everything possible to respond. The Kia Sorento, for instance, makes little overt pretense of being ready to handle rugged terrain or off-road excursions. While the clearance the vehicle is equipped with would undoubtedly help in such settings, most Sorento buyers will appreciate the additional height more as a means of helping to enable improved visibility in traffic.

The diesel engine powering the Sorento is another feature that could make a difference when the going gets rough, but which the average buyer will probably value for other reasons. While the significant torque that the engine develops could be of great use if the Sorento were asked to crawl up a steep, rough, off-road hill, drivers will more commonly admire the way the power plant makes it easier to pass on the highway. Even while being capable of putting out a significant amount of torque and power, the engine also remains a quiet, accommodating companion that seems very well suited to relaxing, routine errands.

These kinds of balances run throughout the Sorento, with features that might help with off-road performance also delivering things city-bound drivers will respect. That has helped make the Sorento an especially successful entry from Kia, a company that sometimes has to work a little harder than others to attract the attention of Australian buyers. By accommodating the reality of what drivers actually want from an SUV instead of focusing too narrowly on the apparent implications of the vehicle class itself, Kia has created a car that many will appreciate and be delighted to look into and drive.