How to Properly Vet a Car Shipper in Three Easy Steps

If you are considering shipping your automobile there are many things to consider. Most of what you need to know can be summed up in one question, “How can I avoid getting scammed and find the best auto transport for the best price?” It is not an easy question to answer but by answering it you ensure that your car will be taken care of. So, lets tackle this question in step by step basis.


Research Transport Companies

The first part of the vetting process is always research. You look up a number of companies and separate the wheat from the chaff. Luckily you have a great ally, the internet, and the wealth of information it provides does the job for you. Every company has a digital presence that tells you all you need to know. They will have reports on BBB, references listed on their website, and forums for complaints. Simply by entering a company’s name combined with the word ‘complaints’ will provide all the negative feedback associated with it. Other things to look for our up to date licenses, up to date insurance coverage, and their cancellation rates. You do not want a company no one wants to do business with. Once you narrow it down comes the next step.


When you finish your research make sure you have more than one company to choose from. You want two to three, so you can compare them. This comparison should look at their policies, dispute proceedings, and overall price. Luckily, most car shippers have a built in instant car shipping rates calculator. This will provide you with an actionable quote. Comparing quotes is necessary because it gives you a base cost for shipping a vehicle.

Quotes from various companies should be in the same ballpark. Anytime there is a significant difference it begs the question why? Remember, cheaper is not always better. If a company provides a low quote find out why. Is it a special? Is the company just not that good? Same can be said for a higher price.

The fine print of a company’s policy is also important. You do not want to be surprised by an unfriendly little detail you overlooked. Ensure that you know everything about everything. The difference in a company’s policy may be the very thing that confirms your decision. This is especially true of their dispute process. A company’s way of dealing with disputes says a lot about them.

Protect Yourself

You do not want to think of the worst but in the event the worst should happen you want to be covered. This is why a company should have a reliable dispute process. If a company goes to lengths to make receiving compensation hard do not use them. They obviously are unreliable and run into the problem often enough they must provide protection. A company that guarantees satisfaction should the smallest dent appear, is a company that is confident in its abilities.