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Car Buying Tips for Beginners The thought of finally buying your first car is quite exciting. From the time you make the determination that you’re more than able to pay for a car, you then start thinking of so many other things such as which dealership to go to and what type of car you’re actually getting. But then again, you have to understand that the process of car buying in its entirety is more than just about choosing which make and model. Purchase What You Can Afford The first and most important thing to figure out in buying your first car is the amount of money you wish to borrow. It really isn’t wise to buy a luxurious brand or a very expensive one because you may have some difficulty paying for it in the long run. With this in mind, it really is an intelligent decision to go with something you’re confident you can afford to pay. Additionally, it is very helpful if you can first determine how much you can afford because that’s the only way you can narrow down your choices. After which you can eliminate those that are way too expensive on your list.
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The fact is there actually have been so many cases of prospective car buyers making this rather silly mistake. Why would you start shopping for a car when you don’t even know if you’re qualified for a loan? Be reminded as well that majority of lending institutions won’t provide a guaranteed rate until you sign the paper to borrow. However, they do give you a pre-approval for a specific loan amount including the current rate. For the most part, contacting your bank is the easiest and most practical way to begin searching for a loan. Now if you happen to be eligible for a credit union, you go ahead and verify that as well. Once you are able to sit down with a representative from the bank or lending institution, don’t forget to ask about how to get lower interest rates as well as automatic payments. Those two are closely related to each other because some banks will lower your payments should you decide to go for an automatic draft. Car Shopping As soon as you’re done filling up the loan application, you can begin the best part of it all; which is shopping for the car to buy. There are so many places to go, including dealerships, classified ads, and over the web. Keep in mind that every make and model is different and unique and you should put in a lot of weight to a car that will suit your needs, not your wants.