Taking Care for Your Cars

In order for your car to please you for many years, you need take proper care of it on a regular basis. Proper car care is especially relevant in conditions of dusty cities with an abundance of small stones on the roads. Proper car maintenance implies that you need to take care of both the interior and the exterior. The most basic thing you can do is to wash your car timely. To understand how to wash your car regardless of whether you drive a luxury SUV like ford explorer or small car like Audi A3, you first need to learn about the types of contaminants.

Types of contaminants

The dirt that settles on vehicles is multilayered and heterogeneous. It is a mixture of oils, asphalt particles, dust, soot, gas etc. The top layer of contaminants is easy to wash off with water, since it consists of particles of various compounds that are stuck to the body. However, you can remove the second layer only with the help of detergents. This layer consists of soot, residues of exhaust gases, and oils. The next layer of contamination consists of oxides of various preserving agents and polishes, which your car body has been treated with. Also this layer includes particles of the destroyed paint and varnish. It can only be removed with abrasive paste or chemically. In the same way, you can remove the very bottom layer of contaminants, consisting of particles of synthetic resins.

You should wash your car regularly, especially after you just had a trip in the wet or snowy weather, as mud can easily damage the paintwork having soaked into it.

Body wash rules

Car body washing is carried out in accordance with certain rules. This kind of car care must be carried out with warm or cold water with the use of a special car shampoo. Do not wash your car with water jet under high pressure, as this leads to paint damage. Do not wipe the car body with a dry rag, as this can also damage the paintwork. Start washing your car from the roof and make your down. The washing solution must be washed off properly. After washing, the body should be wiped dry with a suede rag, otherwise on the surface, there will appear drops and stains

Cleaning the interior

It is also important to clean the car interior regularly. All the synthetic materials such as the upholstery of the seats, doors, ceiling, and instrument panel eventually age and fade. Of course, this is natural, but the presence of dust and dirt in the cabin only exacerbates this process. When you are going to buy a used car and search for bmw 5 on kijiji.ca platform, you should think about interior cleaning. If the upholstery is made of leather or plastic, then the dirt is best removed with a wet cloth. If the upholstery is made of velour, then first you need to vacuum it, and remove the stains with acetone. You can also use special car care products. The upholstery made of fabrics can be vacuumed and brushed.