Tips to Avoid Fraud when Buying Car Insurance Online


Planning to buy a car insurance online? Read on for the top tips to protect you from online fraud and scam.

Almost every person loves his/her car more than any other asset. And then people spend their best time and money to maintain the beauty and performance of their car. They definitely can’t take on any damage, scratch or harm to their car. Car theft or robbery is the worst thing that can happen in such a situation. This is where; a car insurance policy comes as a savior. It is the best thing you can have for your car. You can buy a car insurance policy through online or offline mode as well.

If you are planning to buy a car insurance policy online, you would definitely save a lot of time. However, there is always a threat of being trapped in a fraud or scam while looking for car insurance quotes or buying the policy.

While looking for the best insurance quotes, most people do their best to crack the best deal possible. They aim to spend least and get the best coverage. In some of the cases, people overlook the basic needs of car insurance and fall in the trap of offers. And in the end, they either buy irrelevant policies or fall victim to suspicious fraud and scams.

A little knowledge is all you need to avoid falling victim to online fraud and scams. Check out these top tips that’ll help you stay protected and secured against all possible threats.

Tips for Avoiding Fraud

Install Antivirus Protection

First of all, you need to ensure that your computer/laptop has active and working antivirus software. Also, ensure that your system’s web protection feature and firewall is active. This ensures that you don’t land on any spamming, malware or virus affected website. Some advanced antivirus programs also send alerts and warnings when land on a potential fraud and scamming website.

Be Cautious

It is always advisable to be cautious while looking for online insurance discounts, offers and deals. The scammers might run an attractive ad campaign and pitch their fraudulent offers. As a smart person, you must compare car insurance quotes online before buying any particular car insurance policy.

Nowadays, there are many authentic insurance comparison websites that offer free online car insurance quotes within few seconds.

Don’t fall for lucrative offers

Not everything comes for free! A potential scamming and fraud website might send you non-stop newsletters claiming that you can win a free holiday trip or even a free car when you buy car insurance policy through their website. Even if your email service provider has failed to identify spam mail, don’t click any irrelevant link promising lucrative offers.

Buy from Official Websites

If you have finalized to buy any particular car insurance policy, do look out for the insurer’s official website. Nowadays, every authentic and official website has many duplicate domains and pages. Ensure that you don’t land on any duplicate website and make online payments there.

Don’t Share your Personal Information

Lastly, it is highly recommended and advised not to share any personal information like internet baking USER – ID, Password, Credit/Debit Card PIN or any personal detail that gives access to your bank’s payment/transfer page or any virtual wallet account. Any authentic and genuine car insurer will ask details of your car only and your communication address/number. They won’t ask any personal detail related to banking and payment passwords.

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